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   Blood Stone 
   Blue Topaz 
   Bone Face 
   Cat Eye 
   Dendritic Agate 
   Dinosaur Bone 
   Druzy All 
   Fimo All 
   Lace Agate Amethyst 
   Lace Agate Blue 
   Lemon Quartz 
   Mexican Fire Agate 
   Moss Agate 
   Mother of Pearl 
   Mushroom Rhyolite 
   Mystic Topaz 
   Nephrite Jade 
   Onyx Green 
   Onyx Red 
   Onyx Black 
   Onyx Others 
   Peanut Wood 
   Petrified Wood 
   Rainbow Calsilica 
   Rainbow Moonstone 
   Rose Quartz 
   Shiva Eye 
   Solar Quartz 
   Stone Rough 
   Sun Stone w All Colors 
   Tiffany Stone 
   Tiger Eye Black 
   Tiger Eye Iron 
   Tiger Eye Red 
   Tiger Eye Yellow 
   Turquoise Black w Copper 
   Turquoise Blue w Copper 
   Turquoise Green w Copper 
   Turquoise Multi w Copper 
   Turquoise Orange w Copper 
   Turquoise Purple w Copper 
   Turquoise Others 
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Wholesale Stock - Stone Collection Jewellery

We have1 piece per style in our wholesale stock Jewellery. You can select according your stone requirements.

  • Stone Collection 925 Silver Jewellery Wholesale.
  • Daily new and latest designs on this website in variety of gemstones on best competitive prices.
Why you should have to buy from this website? Because
  • You have choice here to select your items stone name wise.
  • All items are available in stock.
  • Select one piece each modal only.
  • No minimum order quantity and no minimum order amount.
  • One piece each modal is available in stock right now, we will have to produce the pieces in case you wish to have more than one piece each design.
  • Items are ready to ship within a day from here just after payment confirmation.
  • 4 to 5 days delivery through UPS anywhere in the world.
  • PayPal, credit card and Bank wire accepted.
  • Write us to know the per gm price to buy in kilos.


Hot Collection for Wholesale Stock

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Code:SCJ-11006 | 6.71 USD
Stone:Onyx Red | Weight:4.19gms


Code:SCJ-11016 | 24.81 USD
Stone:Coral | Weight:18.61gms


Code:SCJ-11019 | 7.13 USD
Stone:Ruby | Weight:3.99gms
Size 7

Code:SCJ-1102 | 9.17 USD
Stone:Turtella | Weight:8.18gms


Code:SCJ-11041 | 7.96 USD
Stone:Onyx Red | Weight:3.58gms
Size 9

Code:SCJ-11047 | 7.91 USD
Stone:Rutile | Weight:4.36gms
Size 7.5

Code:SCJ-11061 | 6.48 USD
Stone:Coral | Weight:4.09gms


Code:SCJ-1107 | 11.60 USD
Stone:Turquoise Others | Weight:8.54gms


Code:SCJ-11077 | 9.17 USD
Stone:Prehnite | Weight:6.36gms


Code:SCJ-1108 | 12.20 USD
Stone:Sun Stone w All Colors | Weight:10.77gms


Code:SCJ-11085 | 9.17 USD
Stone:Prehnite | Weight:6.36gms


Code:SCJ-11095 | 10.19 USD
Stone:Shiva Eye | Weight:8.22gms


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